The Right Mortgage & Protection Network

We have grown from 325 members on 1st November 2017 to 397 members as of 1st November 2018, and believe we are the fastest growing network in the UK.

This has not been made at the expense of quality – our member retention rate is exceptional and our member feedback is excellent – testament to this is the fact that we receive many of our new members via word of mouth.

What sets our network apart?

Our ethos of Trust, Respect and Partnership:

Trust – We are completely independent which means that our members can trust us to make decisions in their best interests. In turn, we trust our members and support them.

Respect – We pride ourselves on treating all our advisers with the same respect regardless of business levels. We treat our members as professionals and our focus is on helping our members achieve the best outcome for their customers and we prioritise well considered advice over the tick box approach often used to justify a recommendation.

Partnership – We believe in working in partnership with advisers so that our businesses grow together – that’s why we have a fair pricing structure and an excellent adviser support package.

What improvements have we made to the network?

We have increased the number of internal staff to better service our members, which includes our customer service team who are in regular contact with members. We have also created an admin service team to support advisers across mortgages, protection, general insurance and medical insurance.

Our field staff team has also expanded, so our members can now get increased support on the road, to ensure they are happy and compliant.

In 2018 alone our panel size for both mortgages and protection has increased. This has been helped by the launch of our equity release proposition and the membership of the Equity Release Council.

We provide a frequently updated members only website and encourage our members to use it regularly. It holds a wealth of information on advice processes, compliance, our panels, marketing materials and online training.

On top of the online training, we have increased the number of training events across the country including skills-based training and technology masterclasses.

Many staff throughout the company are undergoing external training paid for by the company eg) CEMAP, ER1 and IF7 for our compliance staff, customer services courses for our front desk staff, accountancy courses for our finance team and digital marketing courses for our marketing department.

All of these improvements and services help to support our members and tie in with our three core values of Trust, Respect and Partnership.