Stonebridge Group

Offering award winning support to mortgage brokers since 1988, Stonebridge Group has solely existed to help advisors to deliver brilliant service and successfully grow businesses.

Over three decades, Stonebridge has provided a wealth of tools and systems designed to free up mortgage advisors’ time and allow them to do what they do best. Central to this is Stonebridge’s wholly-owned “Revolution” software, used by all Stonebridge mortgage advisers. Unlike most competitors, Stonebridge has remained privately owned and constantly committed to serving the mortgage intermediary market.

In 2015, SDL Group invested in Stonebridge to accelerate growth. Independently recognised as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, SDL has brought many strengths and access to capital from a £100m group. Consequently, Stonebridge is able to offer its services to all types of mortgage advisers.

Enhancing its leading technology offering and the proposition to the DA market following the investment was a challenge that Stonebridge successfully embraced. This is why brokers, lenders and life insurance partners regularly recommend Stonebridge to other advisors and firms (see testimonials).

Since SDL’s investment, Stonebridge has grown from 254 to 584 advisors in just three years. The network now arranges over £550m of mortgages per month and is on track to exceed £7bn of lending for 2018 (mortgage completions) – up on their YTD position in 2017 by almost 25%. This substantial growth has been recognised by Which Network (based on FCA data), demonstrating that Stonebridge grew by 3.57% in Q3, compared to most networks growing by only 1% and many shrinking in size.

Stonebridge is proud to say that the key financial metrics of growth in mortgage completions, gross profit margin, PBT margin, revenue per advisor and profit growth in the six months to June 2018 were all stronger than the market-leading, publicly listed business with which mortgage networks tend to get compared.

Even with this substantial growth in recent years, Stonebridge greatly values its employees and as a result their people love working there, with key members of the management team growing with the business over a course of years and even decades. These management team members alone have combined experience of in excess of 125 years in the mortgage and protection industry.


Stonebridge Group have been a key partner of Lloyds Banking Group for many years. We have been witness to their growth in terms of both adviser numbers and lending volumes, but what is key to us as a lender, is that their focus remains on quality of business, innovation within the mortgage market, and the best outcomes for their clients.
Esther Dijkstra, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Lloyds Banking Group

We have a very close working relationship with Stonebridge and have seen an 82% growth in mortgage completion business over the last two financial years.
Simon Cradock, Corporate Relationship Manager, Nationwide and The Mortgage Works

My business has grown from a one-man band to a strong team of 20 plus; none of which would have been possible without Stonebridge.
Jon Stones, Managing Director, Mortgage 1st