My Home Move

Why should My Home Move win this award?

Our Innovative Technology

  • The eWay portals – Client eWay enables clients to manage their conveyancing experience via any smart device, upload and complete documentation, as well as keep up-to-date with the case’s action log. Introducer eWay enables our property industry partners to track the progress of their clients’ cases, view the case action log, as well as generate quotations and upload documents.
  • Voice Biometrics Security – Voice Biometrics captures a ‘voice print’ from the client during the initial ID checks, verifying the client’s identity each time a phone call is made. Coupled with additional security questions at specific transaction milestones, MHM has enhanced its fraud safeguarding and compliance, as well as enabled its conveyancers to concentrate on the legal work.

Our Unrivalled Expertise

  • Apprenticeships – Through our Learning & Development Academy, MHM is the only UK law firm to be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers as an Employer Provider, with the ability to both employ and deliver professional qualifications to our apprentices in-house. We currently have 12 Licensed Conveyancer apprentices, and 12 Conveyancing Technician apprentices.
  • Council for Licensed Conveyancers Training (CLC) – Through the Scottish Qualifications Authority, MHM is an approved training provider for CLC qualifications. Through this accreditation, MHM can train employees to become Licensed Conveyancers. Employees are promoted through different ability levels when they are ready, allowing them to qualify at their own pace.

Our Exceptional Customer Care

  • Growth – We have increased investment in capacity, growing by 50% in 2 years to complete more cases each year than our three nearest competitors combined.
  • Remortgage expansion – Recognising the opportunity to help our broker community in relation to the recent unrest with the lender ‘free legal’ offering, MHM launched an alternative service that works with cashback remortgages, giving brokers control and income, as well as giving clients appropriate legal representation.

MHM has always prided itself on being the conveyancing industry’s leading innovator. In 2018, it has continued to invest in technology, people and processes to revolutionise the customer experience of conveyancing for clients and introducers alike.

2018 has seen the launch of MHM’s new online case-management and sales progression tool, Introducer eWay, giving its industry partners, including many from the mortgage industry, greater control of their conveyancing experience.

Key successes

  • £1.7 million increase in pipeline income, generated through the new Introducer eWay portal.
  • We have welcomed 140+ new conveyancers into the market since the launch of the Learning and Development Academy, raising industry standards.
  • In the last 12 months, we have continued to win new business with online brokers, including Habito and MortgageGym, as well as partner with lenders such as The West Brom, due to our investment in alternative Remortgage propositions.
  • We have won 40 industry awards in the last 5 years including many voted for by introducers and clients, as well as awards from the mortgage industry community.
  • A 46% increase in EBITDA, totalling over £4.6million for the last financial year.