Connect for Intermediaries

Connect understands that advisers want and need to spend the maximum amount of their time advising, so it is almost the only network in the country to provide a central administration service to carry out all administration, file checking and submissions on behalf of its advisers.

In order that its ARs can advise as widely as they choose to, Connect also offers specialist masterclasses on a monthly basis on a wide number of subjects, with lender visits and ad hoc training in-between.

It has put in place the widest possible panel of lenders in the last year which now numbers in excess of 100, so every AR can find a range of solutions for their clients. It is also the network of choice for many new lenders coming to market.

Connect has put a huge raft of measures in place this year to add value to its ARs this includes:

  • Introduced a new, secure, transparent and highly interactive CRM system, OMS, with an intelligent Fact Find and a portal for ARs and their clients to upload documents, and messages and see what is happening on a case in real time.
  • Provided its AR’s with free access to criteria search system Knowledge Bank. It’s already saving brokers hours of time when searching for the right mortgage for their clients. Connect also actively uploaded all the criteria from every commercial and bridging lender it works with to help its ARs.
  • Provided ARs with free membership of FIBA
  • Developed a self-calculating portfolio assessing system to help ARs negotiate the new PRA rules for portfolio landlord and put together the required business plan, asset and liability statement and cashflow analysis.
  • Launched new tools including a repayment calculator, stamp duty calculator and rental calculator.
  • Upped the level of its training so ARs are even more highly trained across a whole range of mortgage, legal, accounting and wider business areas.
  • Introduced a range of unsecured loans
  • Introduced a panel of equity release lenders and equity release training.

Connect also held its first conference and event which was an exceptional day of learning both for ARs and the wider broker market.

Finally, Connect has upped its referral scheme, not only for its ARs but also the wider broker market. This is to help its own ARs and other brokers with all specialist loans that they may not come across on a day-to-day basis. Connect has even made this available to ARs of other networks to provide the maximum amount of support for all brokers across the industry.