Collier Stevens

Collier Stevens is a successful independent firm of Chartered Building Surveyors. Our principal business is carrying out cost effective pre-purchase surveys of residential property, no valuations, no panel appointments just private inspections directly for our clients – an area of work we have pursued for nearly 25 years. Quite frankly we’re good at what we do and we stick with what we’re good at.

Our reports are carefully written in plain English, illustrated with photographs and light on “bum cover” clauses. We always try and avoid sitting on the fence preferring to give clear, purposeful and concise advice enabling our clients to make a properly informed decision as to their prospective purchase – as we remind them we are surveying a house and they are buying a home. They are very different perspectives on the same building and to get the right home they need the practical advice we give them.

Unlike may surveyors we invite our clients to join us during or after our inspection, there is simply no better way of explain a properties failings, foibles, history and good bits to a client than to actually walk them round and show them what we will be writing about. It also enables us to get an understanding of what a client is trying to achieve, whether they are risk averse or understand the risks they may be taking on.

More than 30% of our instructions are client recommendations or returning clients and a very significant number of our clients are introduced by estate agents who trust our approach and are confident that our fair appraisal will only affect their sale if there is a genuine problem to investigate. We feel that we have a duty of care to the vendor too to give an honest overview of their property and not a report biased toward purchase price negotiation on spurious condition grounds.

And what do our clients think:

“Very impressed with the customer service in the office and the surveyor. The surveyor provided a thorough in depth and interesting report. The service was top notch from start to finish!”

“Nicely worded report with sensible conclusions and recommendations.” “Fee was a little higher than we hoped, but reflected in a thorough report.”