Charles Derby Mortgage Bureau

Who Are We and What’s the Plan

Launched in January 2017, CDMB is now up to 80 advisers specialising in Mortgage and Protection, plus related services and products, only. We plan to grow to 200 productive advisers and trading styles but may shortly revise the business plan upwards. We are seeking a capital event, not before 2020. No debt and no intention of having any. Nearly two years in and it is going well. Completed business in 2017, £2.2M, we predict finishing 2018 on £2.7M, which is circa 80% of written. We are hitting our goals.

A strategy focused on adviser recruitment and business acquisitions. Many businesses, have no exit plan or a route to capital, joining CDMB provides one. We anticipate recruiting two business before year end, delivering another £1M of banked income. We aim to be innovative, professional and fair, no restrictive client covenants here.

The business mix is primarily residential, plus some buy to let and about to move into new build. We have an advice led self-employed adviser population, deployed nationally. We de-risk currently and sensibly, by being an appointed representative with a whole of market proposition.


We could tell you how great our advisers are, providing customer testimonials in support. However, we are nominated as a business so let’s tell you about the business.

  • Advisers and staff share, proportionate to their contribution, in 30% of any capital value we create. Providing a capital opportunity is vastly different from having a good income. Income we all spend, plus a bit more usually, capital is liberating and can be used for dreams or simply to pay off a mortgage. It creates esprit des corps and honestly, is a great retention tool.
  • We create community. Our online adviser Portal, where advisers support one another across the UK, is popular, used and valued. It is also invaluable for company comms and access to vital regulatory and marketing documents
  • CDMB has a TV Channel. A great vehicle for management and providers to communicate with our advisers. We record, edit and produce the videos, which they can use elsewhere, many do. Santander’s is also embedded on their intermediary site.
  • Advisers standards are partly imposed by being an AR but also, we set our own. A strong advice first culture, supported by written frameworks of expected standards. We put people in debt, therefore we should always offer them the means to protect themselves against the vicissitudes of life, as part of the advice process, before it is too late.
  • Front and centre are expertise and knowledge. We have run many training sessions and as our reputation grows, we receive fantastic support from providers. We have a profile now and providers are very keen to engage. Our upcoming December roadshow was healthily oversubscribed.